As we progress through the next episodes of the TRUTH Apparel Mini-Mentary Series, we found it fitting to allow our viewers a chance to dive deeper into the stories we present, and the people behind them. In order to bring you this experience, we as TRUTH Apparel are proud to present TRUTH Talks, where viewers will have a chance to talk to the subjects of our latest episode.

      Perhaps you might have a burning question about something our episodes briefly touched upon, or perhaps you would like some tips and advice from a master of their craft. Either way, you can either sign up to enter our Live Zoom Call, or you can catch the re-broadcast right here on this page.

      The details on how to sign up for these Zoom Meetings will be released on our Facebook page, and right here on our website. Remember, space is limited, so be on the lookout for the sign-up link! We look forward to having you on our next TRUTH Talk, but in the meantime, you can watch the re-broadcasts here.

- The TRUTH Apparel Team