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      Several students have come to us, usually with abusive backgrounds, nowhere to go, dorms closing, and they all had one common factor: Nowhere to go, no one to help, and no financial solutions.

      Hearing that, we added a component to TRUTH Apparel, which was to use funds to buy Extended-Stay Hotels, and Room with people willing to volunteer space in their homes. This was only a temporary fix to a larger issue, due to limited funds, so we launched Operation SafeHouse.

      Our goal with Operation SafeHouse is to purchase a building space within the route system of the KC Metro Bus System, to house students in compromising housing situations, mentor them in how to acquire and retain employment, and become mentors out of mentees.

      To accomplish this, we are raising $15,000 to purchase the building. We appreciate anyone that believes in the vision we have to help our youth out by giving them hope in an indifferent society.

- TRUTH Apparel



      When most events offer food, it is usually fast food, and offered only as an incentive for attendance. We find this sort of empty gesture unacceptable, which is why we always make sure to provide the quality and atmosphere of a family dinner at our events.

      This sort of family atmosphere takes a sizable amount of our current budget to maintain, but this effort continues to draw students both new and returning.

     A lot of students over the years have come to us and told us that our events were the first time they had ever experienced an atmosphere like this, and we would like to continue this tradition.

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      We encourage all of our students to explore their options through their college years. If they have an idea formulated for a business of their own, we assist them in any way we can, including the coverage of the fees required to register an LLC.

      Pictured here are four of six students who have begun the process of registering their LLC this semester. It is our goal that by the time they graduate, they have their business up and running.

      With Operation SafeHouse up and running, we can expand our level of assistance into printing business cards, setting up websites, creating merchandise, and much more.



      While this is one of the more sensitive subjects we touch on, it is also the most important part of what we do. As stated above, every year we students on the verge of homelessness with no one else to turn to.

      Fortunately, we have been able to cover the cost of Extended-Stay Hotels every semester since our inception, but this is a temporary solution to a larger problem.

      This is the principal purpose of Operation SafeHouse; to give students in need a hand up, not only with housing, but with workforce development, computer assistance, networking, and other life skills they may need help with.

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