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Brainiac Perspectives: Can Tacos Rebrand KCK?

Recently, Kansas City, Kansas has been recognized by Forbes magazine as the taco capital of the nation. Apparently, we have more than 50 taco joints in the city. Out of the few taco joints I have tried, I would say my top three are Bonito Michoacán, Taqueria El Torito, and controversially, El Toro Loco. Now, even though KCK might have enough taco joints to feed the entire metropolitan area, the big question is can KCK use this national recognition to rebrand the city? Can we use this new found fame to increase tourism in KCK?

In my opinion, I don't think we can. As a KCK native, I know that my city is not very big on marketing and advertising itself to a broader audience. We can barely even market, advertise, and collaborate with each other to uplift our local KC artists. So, how in the world can we hope to capitalize off of a Forbes recognition?

What do you all think? Am I right or am I wrong? Leave a comment below.

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