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Honey-G in the Building!

This is your favorite reformed Piper Student, David Myron, back with another highlight of the many faces of TRUTH.

Decorated FBOE Member Tamisha "Honey-G" Sank has been one of our most loyal and beloved members since the inception of TRUTH Apparel, and has had her fair share of input into our current lineup.

Among her accomplishments are starring roles in at least three productions of the KCKCC Theater program, Former Vice-President of Student Senate, Head Planner of FBOE Events, and Graduate from the KCKCC Nursing Program.

Despite her busy schedule, she still makes time to visit FBOE HQ, make sure everything is still running smoothly, and to this day continues to take things into her own hands.

If she's reading this, I told you you're on the website. You owe me an apology.

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