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Wanna be Startin' Something.

That's right, the Category 4 Bio-Hazard known as my journalistic writing has made it into the next frontier, and believe me, I'm out for blood.

This bi-weekly blog will focus on the people who wear the TRUTH, and their stories. Whether they be authors, rappers, musicians, or designers, everyone's got a story to tell.

Of course, we will start with one of our top supporters, James Holts.

James has owned the famous Holt's Barbershop for about 20 years, and has mentored some of the best barbers in Kansas City.

Of course, we all got a side gig, with him being a hell of a producer. He is responsible for producing some of rapper Vigalantee's most famous tracks, such as Beautiful, Suspended in Time, and the No Jaangle theme.

Holt's Barbershop is located at 1608 Minnesota Avenue, and is open Monday-Friday till 6, and Saturday-Sunday till 8.

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